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W-E-B Issue 239 ~ September 2014
Monthly ISSN 471-0323
Church and digital | Training opportunities | World we live in | Missions | Mobile ministry | Popular culture | Communicating well | Social media | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"To be relevant is not to be recent. It's to resonate." - Len Wilson

"The only leaders I trust are the ones willing to admit they might be wrong. They're always checking their blind spots." - Donald Miller


What the best church websites do. Steve Fogg explains.

Mistakes a church video team can avoid.

Make your church web address is really really big. So you can see it from the street!

Sign up for the excellent Internet Toolbox for Churches newsletter.

Church bulletins that work well. How to clarify and coordinate your church communications.

Recognize and encourage your church volunteers, on Facebook or elsewhere.

Pastors and staff refusing involvement in social media is like a missionary refusing to learn the language of a people, says Thom Rainer.

Don't miss the whole point of social media.

98% of all SMS text messages get read. Many church software platforms can send out mass texts.

Oops, we used the wrong church door.

Tell more stories in church, says Tim Peters.

Great collection of free church/digital ministry ebooks.


The next Mobile Ministry distance-learning course starts on 7 October. 4 hours a week (spread across the week), over 6 weeks. Learn how to use this strategic and near-universal tool effectively.

From Visual Story Network: Create a Culture of Story Seminar, 13 November, Los Angeles.

Indigitous digital ministry conference, Pretoria, 17-18 October.

Christian New Media conference, London, 1 November.

Ebook formatting distance class starting 4 October.


Understand your own love language. Are you emotionally intelligent? And who will you let shape your story?

Success is not always what you see, as this Banksy picture illustrates.

Which is the most popular TED lecture? Ever: And why?

How to make sure you'll never mobilize your pastor for missions.

Understand suicide, from Credo House.

The absolute most common reason change is resisted, says Ron Edmondson.


TWR are running an online mission-related game.

Missions team visionSynergy acts like 'the 18th camel' in helping organizations to work together. And their free ebook Well Connected is the definitive textbook on this. Download it here in English, French, Spanish and Russian. (More free ebooks on digital communication.)

Latest GMI missiographic looks at the Buddhist world. You can embed these infographics in your own blog or website.

SOON Ministries are ceasing to publish most of their free evangelistic papers in 2015. Those in Fulani dialects will remain. They would like to know of alternate sources of material that they can recommend to users instead: Please send details of resources you can recommend, and share this request with others who may have suggestions.


Amira meets Jesus on her cell phone.

How do Arabic speakers use mobile apps - infographic.

View MAF's new mobile webapp for the Easy English Bible - only uses 1,200 different words!


Jeffrey Overstreet explains how he got Dead Poets Society all wrong first time round.

How Studio Ghibli shaped the child of missionaries.

C S Lewis onstage. First they did Screwtape, now The Great Divorce.

Article about Philomena film by Tony Watkins, free to republish.

Rusty Wright produces outsider-friendly articles that can also be republished online or in print. His latest are on the movies Identical and When the Game Stands Tall; there are many more on a wide range of topics. Whether you are print magazine editor or a church website administrator, consider whether you can use these free articles to engage with outsiders.


5 Ways to Connect with Millennials - Barna Research article. More about Millennials.

Do you know the secret sauce that turns stories into magic? And Eugene Paterson on storytelling. Also Storytelling and Content Marketing.

5 principles for becoming a better communicator, explains Modern Ekklesia.

The only three times most of us are creative, suggests Len Wilson (plus other great articles on creativity) on his blog - do subscribe to the email updates.

25 tips to tighten your writing.

Don't start sermons with the text.

How to look good on your webcam.

Making Powerpoint slide presentations that people don't sleep through.

God: new evidence is the apologetics ministry of UK-based team Focus. Their approach is to create short accessible online videos on a range of apologetic topics, each by an expert in that area. There are very few comparable resources. The team need a new part-time volunteer representative in USA (following the retirement of their previous volunteer). Check their site - this vacancy need is shown in the right-hand column, along with contact details.


30 little-known features of Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Pay it forward on social media.

The power of visual for sharing on social networks.


- non-techies look away now


A murmuration of starlings (video short). I am writing this 4 miles from where these birds were filmed.

Colossal is an art, design and visual culture blog by Christopher Jobson. Wise curation, great explanatory text, and well-chosen examples of beauty and creativity in the visual arts. Huge archive of old posts in each topic area.

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