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W-E-B Issue 235 ~ May 2014
Monthly ISSN 471-0323
Digital evangelism Sundays in June | Free ebooks | More books | Communicating well | Social media | Apologetics videos | Majority World | Popular culture | More resources | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon" - Brandon Sanderson

"This world is a sculptor's shop & we are the statues. But there's a rumor going round that some of us are going to come to life" - C S Lewis


Internet Evangelism Day, Sunday 1 June
This focus day is a great time for your church or ministry to examine the growing and multiple ways that you can impact your community and beyond, as an organization or as an individual. This could include:

#GoEverywhere on Sunday 8 June
This is an initiative of, the team that curates a growing range of evangelistic video shorts in multiple languages. Their request is that on 8 June, there is a worldwide 'thunderclap' of social media to share the evangelistic video short on their GoEverywhere page.

Global Outreach Day Saturday 14 June
Wider than just digital, but take a look at this short video

Social Media Sunday 29 June
A group of churches are encouraging other churches to hold a Social Media Sunday. Again, it's a time to investigate social media opportunities and explain them to the fellowship. Nothing magic about the date - use Google to find that quite a few churches have been choosing to have a Social Media Sunday during the year, at a time that fits their needs.



Michael Frost says, "I talk about embodiment, social media, and screen addiction in this interview about my new book Incarnate." Read the interview in Christianity Today's Leadership Journal.

Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic, by Anne Marie Millar, has been updated and expanded - read more.


Much of our online communication is actually visual, not verbal. Think about it. How do you find a Subway shop? Not be looking for that word, but scanning for the familiar green, along with the enticing smell. Copyblogger points out 6 Nonverbal Hacks for Your Website So it Captures Attention and Converts.

The Power of Storytelling: how we got 300% more people to read our online content. Remarkable research from Buffer. Storytelling is effective, even in communicating simple facts. And do check this amazing 15-min audio by Philippa Perry on why storytelling is so powerful and how the stories we tell will impact us and our mental wellbeing.

29 ways to stay creative - an infographic.

Writers: is this the word with the most, and varied, meanings?

Brainstorming: top questions to ask an idea.

Significant stuff from Symbiota: 5 digital trends churches should pay attention to in 2014.

Roadblocks, bridges, storytelling and illusion, a BigBible post.

"Evangelistically successful churches ask this question about everything they do: 'How does this look to a non-Christian?'" said Adrian Holloway at a recent UK conference.


If you are thinking of staring a church blog, Josh Burns offers helpful advice. And if not everyone in your church is on board with the idea of an internet ministry, here's what you might do about that. Also bear in mind this advice from K C Proctor: "Pastors: social media is not another pulpit to preach from. You are at a block party with the rest of us."

Heart-warming testimony in Christianity Today magazine from @Claire, manager of social innovation at Twitter.

6 tips to boost Tweet visibility and readability.

Keeping kids safe with mobiles.


Jesus Myths video series recently launched to correct common misapprehensions. "But everyone knows that the New Testament was [insert common myth here]." There are so many misapprehensions floating around the Web and modern culture, we need to have good accessible and authoritative refutations available. Help is at hand with this new series from the God: New Evidence team. It is the work of moments to embed these videos into a blog or website, post to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, or download to project in a meeting.


MAF's new Lumin software release will enable many educational and discipleship solutions throughout the Majority World. It creates study material easily viewable, even offline, on any PC, tablet or mobile phone browser. This is a resource to make known widely.

FrontlineSMS introduces FrontlineSync, a way to turn your Android phone into an SMS hub.

Missionary died thinking he was a failure; 84 years later thriving churches found hidden in the jungle.

The Heavenly Visitor in a Thousand Dreams: Sheridan Voysey explains how Jesus appears in dreams to unreached peoples.

Africa infographic: last 20 years, next 20 years: the latest infographic from GMI highlights the incredible past and future transformation of the continent.

For some Majority World countries, their access to mobile-friendly websites can face similar low bandwidth issues that the Web faced 20 years back. And as smartphone prices edge down to $20, expect big takup in Majority World, if charging issues can be solved.

Mobile ministry resources for the Majority World, from IMB.

A hotline to God: Nigerian creates Bible apps.

Is this $7 USB stick one way to close the digital divide?

Short video overview of the recent Indigitous digital ministry conference in Addis Ababa.

The Prodigal Son video, for southern Thai muslims, is just one of many videos and animations for Asia, available on Indigitube.

Stunning worldwide photos by Fotopedia seem to be mainly Creative Commons.

Internet well on way to 3 billion users, UN telecom agency reports.


The Wind Rises - good Damaris article on this latest Studio  Ghibli masterpiece, looking at its spiritual meaning and how Hayao Miyazaki based the moral core of the film on Eccleasiastes. It's Miyazaki's last film, he says himself. He's said that before though! You can follow Damaris on Twitter, and subscribe to their email news.

Christ and Pop Culture is another resource worth following.


City Vision's new distance-learning course Master's in Science, Technology, Society and Ministry launches this year.

"Smartphones are the new 'first screen'", argues Wired Magazine. Not TV anymore.

Interesting Timeline of Events in the Book of Acts, all laid out in a table with probable years.

First Bible app for Samsung smart TV, by AudioBible team.


- non-techies look away now


A coffeeshop shaped like an enormous Rolleiflex camera. 20 surreal places you won't believe exist. And first color photos of USA 1888-1924.

Sign at a UK National Trust visitor heritage site: "Unsupervised children will be given an expresso and promised a kitten."

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