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W-E-B Issue 236 ~ June (i) 2014
Monthly ISSN 471-0323
World Cup film | Social media | Lagos day conference| Mobile ministry | Communicating well | Popular culture | World we live in | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"Information is only of value if you can get it to people who can do something with it. Sharing is power." - Stanley McChrystal

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words"


The Indigitous World Cup film The Prize Under Pressure was Thunderclapped on 12 June, the first day of the World Cup. Thunderclap is a method of automated posting to social media at a fixed time.

You can still post this film of footballers' testimonies to social media at any time, or use it in any other way.


29 June is Social Media Sunday for churches.

If you haven't switched your church to the new Facebook Page layout yet, here's what you need to know, says Josh Burns.

Why Facebook is an appropriate medium for mission agencies to use in evangelism. And a valid ministry in its own right, says Evangel-Vision blog. And somewhere to show gratitude!

Antioch Session: Finding adolescent self-worth in spite of social media.

7 silly barriers that stop churches from social media, says Steve Fogg. And 5 reasons why the church must engage the world with social media, says Brandon Cox. And DJ Chuang discusses church social media with Greg Atkinson - 54-min video.

Designing church websites for the unchurched, writes ChurchMag. Is my church only preaching to the choir on Facebook, asks Symbiota. Church website failure: a parable - Desperately Seeking Lodgers.

Have you seen Erik Qualman's latest Socialnomics video short? And some surprising social media stats that may affect your own strategies.

Getty Images vs Creative Commons and privacy: what bloggers need to know. And how to customize them.

Have you read The Definitive-ish Guide for Using Social Media in the Church by Bruce Reyes-Chow? Know any good reviews of it, or like to write one?


#SocialGospelLagos is a new movement encouraging Nigerian Jesus-followers to use social media for evangelism. If you are within traveling distance of Lagos, this one-day conference at 10am on 14 June is free, but you do need to pre-register.


Latest Mobile Ministry distance-learning course starts 8 July.

Web use likely to increase 20-fold in next 5 years in Africa. 67% of mobile phones sold in Kenya are smartphones. India is moving from feature phones to cheap smartphones. Smartphones are rapidly becoming people's first screen.

MAF's newly-released Lumin software seems set to leverage mobiles, tablets and PCs for effective distance-learning.

Mobile devices can dramatically improve literacy rates in developing countries, says UNESCO.

Nine lies/misconceptions about mobile.

MAF MicroSD Easter project for Arnhem Land.

Deaf Bible sign language app.


If you watched the D-Day TV commemoration at Arromanches, which of the VIP speeches can you remember, a week later? Figure out what the stand-out speaker did to make his message 'sticky'. And then do it, every time you communicate anything, anywhere. For a helping hand, get Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. It's so good, it should be on every bible college curriculum, every media course. Preview chapter 1 here.

Phil Cooke comments, that Maya Angelou said, "There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you." Are you telling yours? he asks.

If you didn't listen to Philippa Perry on storytelling (BBC radio program featured last issue), it's well worth 15 minutes of your time. Catch it here.

The remarkable power of visual metaphors to make us more creative. And great resources for Christian creatives.

21 tips for better visual storytelling.

Skype group video calls now free.

See what can happen when mission agencies collaborate AND use digital effectively, in this video by Create International, and get free definitive book on mission and ministry collaboration.

If you know the children's books by Joan G Robinson, you'll be excited to hear that the latest Studio Ghibli film is When Marnie Was There | still from movie. Meantime, we in the West have to wait for the release of The Tale of Princess Kaguya. At least the DVD of The Wind Rises will release soon. Studio Ghibli, please also consider doing The Silver Crown (Robert O'Brien) and The Silver Sword (Ian Serraillier), both very close matches to the Ghibli genre - an independent young heroine finding resolution through helping others.

A delight you won't have to wait for - Eleanor's Secret - a beautiful French/Italian animation. And while we are on beautiful films, The Secret of Roan Inish (live action, not animation) is another treasure.

Fun animation technique using animation 'cells' plus real life. Want to learn animation? You can take a YWAM animation course in 2015.


Brits - do you need evangelistic literature relating to centenary of WW1? CPO can supply these, and much else. Sign up for their helpful newsletter.

What's a relational church? asks Adrian Warnock.

Debunking myths about marriage and divorce. Never believe 'everyone knows' so-called stats again!

How to distinguish a good idea from a mediocre one. Valuable insights from Len Wilson.

We hear about a tragedies involving sharks because they are so rare - about 10 a year. What animal kills 0.75 million a year, many of them children?

Bringing the 'nones' back to church - new book out soon.

Your church can help over-65's in the church or community to learn digital.

Worldwide map of religious diversity.

If you don't see something in an organization's literature or website, it won't exist in their imagination either, says Tim Catchim.

Rare Canadian Kodachrome photos from D-Day now on Flickr. New WW2 movie Walking with the Enemy.

If you live in the Majority World, TILZ resources can be hugely helpful for your community.


- non-techies look away now


A street performer plays 'Hallelujah' using only glassware. And big surprise for bride and groom during wedding. Another bride who could not stop laughing.

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