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W-E-B Issue 237 ~ July (i) 2014
Monthly ISSN 471-0323
Outreach websites | Arts and media | Popular culture | Social media | Mobile ministry | Communicating well | Church digital ministry | World we live in | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"Words can't penetrate to the mystery of our being. Only stories and metaphors can usher us into true apprehension and appreciation of life." - Len Sweet

OUTREACH WEBSITES ENGAGE WITH OUTSIDERS have just released a new multi-lingual testimony site which includes video shorts:

Saving lives online - outreach webpage and ongoing mentor relationship points Kate away from suicide.

Apologetics - God: New Evidence team have released new video shorts on Conspiracies and Secret Gospels and have also dubbed some After Life videos into Chinese. Russian dubs are on the way - sign up for news on the website.


Don't let anyone tell you that Christian art cannot communicate powerfully. The OM Arts Incarnate School teaches these insights. See also latest Artists in Christian Testimony newsletter.

And I personally find the art and design of The Church of the Transfiguration very moving.

Art and media: how to have kingdom influence, explains Clyde Taber of Visual Story Network.


Free official community resources, ideal for youth group and family outings for this summer's big family film Earth To Echo.

Second Nature, the Christian  team which looks in depth at the theological and cultural impact of digital, has a new review on Steve Turner's book Popcultured.


24 best practices for nonprofits using Twitter.

Your church, ministry or nonprofit wants to start using social media? Use this PDF flowchart before you go any further.

How to schedule and edit Facebook posts from within Facebook.

7 Facebook hacks to make your website more shareable.

5 warnings for pastors on using social media.

The art of creating shareable posts on social platforms.

Women use most of areas of social media more than men.


You may find that the new Life Conversation Guide iOS app will help you in conversations with outsiders.

Word for Word Android Bible game app.

Using Lightstream in a closed country to share audio, video, and other files off-the-grid, offline, and un-noticed.


World War 1 commemoration evangelistic literature from CPO in UK.

There's a common property of stories that go viral, research shows.

Digital storytelling in a world of short attention spans: one way to tell a story online.

25 editing tips for writers.

Need to rebrand the public profile of your church, ministry or nonprofit? Five questions to ask first.

Use images (not just words) to turn your distracted visitors into engaged readers.

Why ministry leaders aren't always good communicators and what to do about it.

The secrets of body language: why you should never cross your arms again.

Very significant thoughts from @justlong:


Does Stonylands Golf Club creep you out? Read the communication parable here.

Welcoming church visitors without scaring them away.

Podcast: using WordPress as a website builder.

New short ebook: Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy.

Get your church website noticed in search results, says Internet Toolbox for Churches.


The amazing diversity of language around the world in one map.

Malcolm Gladwell on criticism, tolerance, and changing your mind.

Brainwriter - amazing $200 open source product for people with paralysis.


- non-techies look away now


Video short: Children fighting on the way to church

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