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W-E-B Issue 233 ~ February 2014
Monthly ISSN 471-0323
Training and Majority World | IE Day 2014 | Popular culture | Mobile ministry | Social media | New books | World we live in | Communicating well | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms" - Muriel Rukeyser

"Why would anyone want to listen to you if he felt you had not first listened to him?" - Xavier Amador

"I can't answer the question 'what ought I to do?' unless I have already answered a prior question 'of which story am I a part?'" - A. MacIntyre


There are growing numbers of internationally-based training options for digital evangelism. Check: The opportunities for digital evangelism in the Majority World are vast and growing. Check this infographic and free ebook on digital use in Africa.

Interested in digital outreach in Africa? See Internet Outreach Coalition for Africa site and newsletter.

What was the most common verse searched in the 10 biggest countries? Check the latest infographic from GMI.


This year's Internet Evangelism Day is set for Sunday 1 June. It's a great time to create a digital evangelism focus spot in your church, or investigate and discuss how your church, ministry, or personal online life can be leveraged to share the good news.


Are we missing the point of Frozen's 'Let it Go' song? asks Trevin Wax.

Free downloadable study resources from Damaris on 12 Years a Slave.

More Damaris articles on their Film and Bible Blog about recent film releases.

Art's Desire: Responding to Film and Literature – a series of 6 posts by Tony Watkins.

David Buckna specializes in finding parallels and biblical references in popular culture, particularly music, which he puts into the form of quizzes. His latest include: Beatles Bible Quiz Pt 1 | All You Need Is Love | Sgt. Pepper's Bible Study. He also recommends:
Check also David's archive of popular culture quizzes and his explanation of the value of using popular culture as a starting point.


C2C (Creation to Christ) app is now available for Android and iOS, and in several languages. Greater European Mission's eDOT (electronic Discipleship Outreach Training) team says, "We hope to continue adding languages and expanding the app as time goes along."

Want to make it easier to dial numbers on your Android phone? Give this a try. And how to create custom keyboard shortcuts in iOS and Android.

Megavoice new portable solar-powered speaker case - great for sharing an audio/visual message with a group, when there is no power supply.


"Social media isn't a broadcast platform, it's a relationship platform, and your church should be using it as such," says Josh Burns.

Asking spiritual questions on Twitter.

How media shaped the church in the last 500 years, including the transformative effect of social media right now.

Not sure how to get your church started in online ministry. Internet Toolbox for Churches can help you.

7 deadly sins of social media that churches and ministries fall into.

5 social media trends for 2014, from Social Media Examiner.


Bryony Taylor's review of TheoMedia by Andy Byers.

Review by Amber Stamper of iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives – latest book by Craig Detweiler.

Review by Sara Batts of Raising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying The Best And Avoiding The Worst by Bex Lewis, which publishes today.


National flags made from each country's traditional foods. Cool.

Actor David Suchet is recording the entire Bible - a 27-year ambition.

The Church's Frightful Kodak Moment. A sobering challenge for any church or ministry. Kodak just did not understand the times they were living in (1 Chr. 12.32).

You can now embed GMI missiographics into your blog or website.


French animation Tales of the Night by Michel Ocelot is a storytelling masterclass - learn why. Catch his other great animations too: Kirikou and the Sorceress and Azur and Azmar. Other great French animations to watch include Eleanor's Secret and A Cat in Paris.

Does anyone recall the children's story I asked about here? I'd love to find a copy.


"As believers, one of our primary concerns should be the arousal of curiosity among unbelievers," says Lindy Lowry.

How to craft a 3-word testimony, explains A. J. Rinaldi in Outreach Magazine.

"Who is the real seeker?" asks Trevin Wax.

Few websites get tested with an average, or even inexperienced, web user. A few hours testing will pay you back 100-fold.

12 ways a Bible picture can improve the impact of your teaching.

Lee Strobel: What's Trending in Apologetics Today?

3 Pitfalls churches should avoid when creating a website.

6 rules for communicating to an audience with a goldfish attention span. This means almost everyone.

Free short PDF ebook from Center for Church Communication: The Top 8 Tools for Church Communicators.

Particularly challenging and well-chosen quotes from missiologist Justin Long.

Ministry is Messy, says Jenn Williamson, on the Evangel-vision blog.

Free Bible Images have opened a section where artists and ministries can contribute graphics.

Paul's missionary journeys displayed as a stylized 'metro' train map.


- non-techies look away now

How to easily create stunning graphics using PicMonkey.

CSS color gradients - can be attractive, and no bandwidth penalty either.


Ever been on a conference call like this? Humor video.

NSA (the US security agency) apparently collects 200 million text messages daily! But surely 199 million of these are by 15-year-old girls, in uncrackable code words?

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