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W-E-B Issue 229 ~ September (i) 2013
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The next 5 billion | Social networking | Communicating well | Apologetics | Evangelistic articles | Digital conferences and training | World we live in | Popular culture | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"It's not so much that the church has a mission, it's that the mission has a church" - Michael Stewart


Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg has an incredible vision to extend web connectivity to the other 5 billion people in the Majority World who do not yet have it. Implications for world mission, evangelism and discipleship are immense.


Twitter allows you to search for tweets from people who are hurting. Simon Seow writes, "During the #FallingPlates campaign [the worldwide promotion of the Falling Plates evangelistic video], I was 'listening' to hashtags #broken and #pain and was able to prayerfully respond to a few, sharing the link to the video.

Facebook feed changes - how do they affect you?

Two new free ebooks from Christian media team about YouTube and Google+.

Tips on using Pinterest for churches.

A step-by-step guide to creating a media strategy for nonprofits.

Facebook tips for pastors.

Consider Carbon as your Android Twitter app, says Android AppStorm.


Evangel-vision is a new blog with international writers, from the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. You can easily subscribe to all new posts by email or RSS.

Writing: cut down your word-count. How to edit for a friend. Interviews can be a useful form of article. Tips on interviewing.

Free ebook download: how to guide your church and your leaders into more effective evangelism.

Nine questions church visitors aren't asking (...but churches are still trying to answer).

4 answers to 'what is the meaning of life?' questions, says Sheridan Voysey. Great conversation starter.

Majority World tends to look for escape from shame and fear, rather than guilt, as startpoint in evangelism. Indeed, Majority World also has different theological priorities, as explained in this helpful interview between Trevin Wax and Dr Timothy Tennent.

10 new resources on effective communication spotted during August, including christianese, Jesus Meets Crystal in a Cafe, and 5 Arguments for Theism. (Plus the 109-year-old woman who uses Facebook, and watched Titanic sail.)

Difference between storytelling and storydoing.

Cheap church motion graphics for projection, recommends Greg Atkinson.


Christianity is falsifiable, unlike other religions.

Worldviews in a nutshell, presented graphically.


Rusty Wright's latest 'skeptic-friendly' articles are available for republication: Caring For Her Husband's Love-child and A Mentor's Multiplied Impact. Many others are available at


COICOM in Paraguay 23-26 September.

Next distance learning course for mobile ministry starts 17 September. And Mobile Ministry Forum meets 9-11 December. Should your organization send a representative?

Call2All missions/media conference, Mexico 5-8 November 2013.

Indigitous plan three digital ministry conferences: Canada & Panama (November), Ethiopia (May 14). You can follow Indigitous on Facebook.

Reaching Japanese for Christ distance learning classes.

Christian New Media Conference, London, 9 November 2013.

Next YWAM School of Cartoning and Animation for Missions starts March 2014 in Taiwan.


What is phubbing? And watch short video I Lost My Phone highlighting this social problem.

Watch Dr King's entire 1963 speech. His 'I have a dream' section was unscripted and prompted by Mahalia Jackson's comment as he was speaking. People always want the dream, not the nuts and bolts. Awaken dreams.

Remarkable Facebook, smartphone penetration, minute-by-minute web usage  and employment status stats.

The stunningly illustrated children's Bible that should still be in print (but isn't).

More is happening in Egypt than we hear on the news. And how many martyrs worldwide are there?

One out of five non-Christians in North America doesn't know any Christians.

Guitar playing like you may never have seen before.


Gray Matters - Trevin Wax interviews author Brett McCracken.

Latest Damaris resources on using movies as conversation starters.

Films: if you missed From Up on Poppy Hill, or Wadjda, they are/will be shortly on DVD. One new release to look out for soon: The Selfish Giant.


- non-techies look away now

Android antivirus options.

Nitroreader converts files to PDF or edits, free.

Presence iOS app turns iPhones/iOS devices into a free WiFi video camera with motion detection, alerts.

Printer Pro: 3rd party app bridges gap between an iOS device and nearly any printer.

Run your laptop longer on car battery.

What to do when your HooteSuite account gets hacked.

7 things you must avoid when designing mobile apps.

How to get your church or ministry email read in Gmail's new inbox tabs.


And you thought smartphones were new! How about in the 1930s?

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