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W-E-B Issue 224 ~ May 2013
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Book: Ministry in the Digital Age | Book: Resurrection Year | Storytelling | Apologetics | Communicating well | Popular culture | Social media | World we live in | TTech tips | Tailend fun

They say...
"The moment we cry in a film isn't when things are sad but when they turn out more beautiful than we expected" - Alain de Botton


Just published:Ministry in the Digital Age: Strategies for Best Practices for a Post-Website World, by David T Bourgeois.

Happily there are at last a growing number of books about various aspects of digital ministry. Dave Bourgeois' new book is primarily written to help Christian ministries understand how to integrate the Internet into their existing work. What are the best evidence-based practices to implement? How do you best truly integrate digital, rather than just bolting on a few social networking options to an unchanged structure?

Read more about this book, sample pages, and win a copy. Closing date is 5 June.


Another new book - in Resurrection Year, writer and speaker Sheridan Voysey takes us through the hard times he and his wife have suffered. The only people who don't need to read this are those who have never been through a painful time, and never expect to. Dr Bex Lewis reviews the book highly. Check Sheridan's own site and also his previous evangelistic book Unseen Footprints, which I will be reviewing shortly.

Check also Tim Challies' review of Rid of my Disgrace, for anyone who has suffered abuse, or needing to understand this widespread scourge.


How Twitter is reshaping storytelling.

Best practice examples of storytelling on a church website.

Read free the first chapter of the excellent new book Tell me a Story by Scott McLellan.

Learn from the best - Sean Buvula is a professional storyteller, author, public-speaking coach and director of his five essentials of storytelling.

Easy-to-use animation tools to tell a story.

'Story' is an iPhone app that organizes photos and videos on your device into shareable personal narratives that can be personalized with captions. Great way to illustrate your spiritual journey in a meaningful way?

Storytelling: an expert explains how it actually works. You'll need to set aside 45 minutes to watch this excellent video by Professor Brian Sturm.

Athabasca University explains: What is digital storytelling, and how to get started.

Storytelling in medicine - an unusual angle.

Latest Bible storying pictures from Free Bible Images


The Historical Jesus and the Raglan Scale - interesting thoughts.

If you like debating issues, use Daniel Dennett's seven tools for thinking and analyzing clearly. And follow the 6 commandments for answering tough questions.

A UK team has just launched a new online resource with video shorts, aimed at mid-to-late teens: Message to the Masses. Clips explain various faith questions in an outsider-friendly way.

Wardrobe apologetics: read almost any book on the defense of the Christian faith and, somewhere, you are sure to find quotations from C.S. Lewis, writes The Poached Egg. (I'm looking forward to reading Alister McGrath's new biography of Lewis - review coming soon.)


What if your sermon was like a TED talk? asks Todd Rhoades.

Practical guide to be missional, from Verge Network.

Good church website headers and navigation -  examples from Church Relevance.

Why we need a communications strategy, explains Paul Steinbrueck of

Use commas right, how to style titles of print and online publications, and write photo captions. (Note, UK style often prefers lower case.) Also check our free style guide.

23 lessons coffee taught me about reaching the unchurched, says Brian Dodd.

What every web geek needs to know about building a church website.

Timeless lessons from David Ogilvy on copy-writing. And writing a - literally - killer blog opening.

Jesus was not a very good evangelist when measured against modern methods, suggests Alan Knox!

The value of video interviews, says Michael Hyatt.

Practical publication relations tips for churches, from Steve Fogg.

Seven helpful hints after seven months of visiting churches, by Thom Rainer.

What every web geek needs to know about building a church website


Damaris has launched Film Clubs to enable people to easily use Damaris free resources. Film Clubs are suitable for all sorts of settings – community groups, workplaces, neighborhoods, churches or coffee shops. And if you already run a film discussion group, you can easily associate it with Damaris in order to benefit from being a Damaris Film Club.

More Damaris resources on Les Mis are also available, to coincide with the film's release on DVD, plus resources on Quartet and Great Gatsby movies. See also Christianity mag's new article A Life Less Miserable.

Tim Steven's excellent book Pop Goes the Church is still available, and at a reduced price. This is a biblical and balanced explanation of how we can use various aspects of popular culture in evangelism and ministry.

Why a lot of Christian media is, well, problematical. And 99 things to avoid if you are making a Christian film.

Studio Ghibli animation From Up on Poppy Hill has released in US, and reaches Europe shortly.

Have mainstream critics ignored the Christian message in Terrence Malick's To the Wonder?


New video short explaining the social-media sharing evangelistic tool YesHEIs.

TED lecture - the surprising need for strangeness.

How to get more Facebook shares - infographic.

If you are in the north of England, social media guru Steve Fogg is over from Australia and speaking in Durham on 7 June at a CODEC/University of Durham day seminar for Christian leaders.

Social media will change the way we do church, says Church in a Circle.

17 common mistakes on Twitter and how to fix them | two reasons you should favorite tweets | free Twitter for Churches ebook.

Four ways to start building a community on Facebook.

If a church still needs convincing to even start with social media, see these reasons.

Free ebooks from the 78P team on social networking and more, mainly in a church context.


Disney tries to mess with girls' heads. Again. They want to revamp (literally) Merida - as in, vampify, foxify, princessify. Not our Merida! Compare the before-and-after graphics. From being a great role model for teen and pre-teen girls, she is redrawn with impossibly high and narrow waist, over-manicured hair, eyeliner, lower-cut dress and as UK Times columnist Caitlin Moran says, "Merida was no longer holding her bow and arrow and was, instead, standing with her hands on her hips, in the internationally recognized pose of, 'I am a bit of a vapid pain in the ... now.'"

Understand Creative Commons - which is right for you?

Internet Trends slideshare presentation from Meeker and Wu - may give you ideas if you speak or write about these issues.

World's smallest animation movie: IBM creates a stop-motion story by moving atoms one at a time. If you thought the Ardman Dot video was the smallest stop-motion story, it no longer is!


- non-techies look away now

If your digital photos or crucial documents are not backed up in the cloud (probably at least two places), and/or on memory media somewhere else than in your own house, they arguably don't really exist! Use free cloud space on Gmail, Amazon, Dropbox and other places to save your vital things. You can sign up for a free Dropbox account here.

How to help your site to a high search engine ranking - infographic.

For helpful tips and resources on tech side of church worship - sound, recording, projection, lighting, see Technologies for Worship magazine.

CSS3 Maker - create amazing style effects on a webpage, then copy code to your stylesheet.

Best free antivirus programs in 2013, says PC Magazine.

Why digital zoom is not completely evil after all.

Sync iOS and Android easily.

WordPress for churches.

Use Chrome as free voice recognition software.

What it's like to wear Google Glass for a week.

Track down lost Microsoft product keys with ProduKey.


Cartoon: the rehanging of pictures in the Escher art gallery was not going well.

Are you a committee animal? Check the Babar the Elephant Committee Song on YouTube.

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