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W-E-B Issue 225 ~ June (i) 2013
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Jesus Myths | Conferences and training | Church and digital ministry | Social networking | Communicating well | Mobile ministry | World we live in | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...
"You don't always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it, too" - Anne Lamott


The latest series of video shorts from UK apologetics ministry Focus is now available online and on DVD. Titled Jesus Myths, "... it unpacks the modern world's myths about Jesus, and gets at the facts behind the fictions," says Focus founder Dave Couchman. All the videos can be embedded in websites and blogs using the YouTube embed code, shared in Facebook, or downloaded for projection in, for example, youth groups.


The last of this year's UK Digital Kickstart training days is in Birmingham 22 June.

Visual Story Network offers 1-day Paris Story Seminar on 30 July.

6-week distance-learning course on Mobile Ministry starts 25 June. Or if you'd like just an introduction to mobile opportunities, register for this free Mobile Ministry Forum 1-hour webinar on 27 June,  9-10am US Pacific PDT Time (which is 4pm GMT).

ECIC, the European Christian Internet Conference, is held annually. It's core constituency is the liturgical denominations of mainland Europe. This year's conference, held in Dublin, has just finished. Heidi Campbell was a main speaker. Here's a summary report.

Echo is a church conference for artists, geeks, and storytellers, July 24-26, Dallas.


Some of the best advice on church digital strategy. Anywhere. If you are a church leader, communicator or webmaster, these resources will help you enormously.

The Rise of the @Pastor - valuable short study by Barna.

How to make a music video: don't waste time and money on newbie errors.

How people become leaders and followers – memorable short TED talk.

How to discourage artists and creatives in your church.

Church growth paper includes articles by Dr Bex Lewis and Pete Phillips on the digital culture.

3 things churches love, that kill outreach.

Does your church have a missions promoter / advocate? They need this free ebook resource guide: Bringing the World to Your Church by Joy Piper.

Summer giveaways from Paul Clifford on digital communication.


Understanding Digital Culture - a presentation by Dr Bex Lewis at UK Evangelical Alliance.

Brief introduction to using Pinterest.

Using hashtags on Facebook | More


What is propaganda? Would we ever use any of these aspects in evangelism? Surely not.

10 ways to kill your credibility.

11 words to delete from your press releases.

Get capitalization right | 3 reasons to communicate in bullet points | Using an effective double headline.

10 things storytelling won't do for your non-profit | Tactics for non-profit stories | Storytelling tools.


The next version of Android will be aimed at low-end phones and emerging markets outside the West.

The new YesHEIs iPhone app to share evangelistic video clips, is approved and ready for download. And How Can YesHEIs Help Me?

Favorite Android Apps for Kids.

Mobile ministry/mission tools from Renew World Outreach.


Yes, our universe might be rather special.

Google says it can predict movie box office success with 94% accuracy.

50 things we don't do any more since digital came along. OK, maybe a few of these activities still survive. Just.

More religious people know a Christian in Western Africa (24%) than is true for any region in Europe.

Eight factors behind effective collaboration in Christian mission, by Phill Butler. And get Phill's highly recommended book Well Connected – Releasing Power, Restoring Hope Through Kingdom Partnerships as a free PDF download.

Where do the world's atheists live?

35% of Muslims in Pakistan who use internet say Islam and Christianity have "a lot" in common, compared with 7% who are not online: chart.

Dubai with buildings in fog - perhaps a visual parable here.


- non-techies look away now

How to make an animated GIF from a video in under 5 minutes. And here are some remarkable examples. Our eyes are drawn to movement. Not, of course, revolving clipart like we had back in 1997. But small movement within a photo - that IS eye-catching.

Another source of totally free stock photos.

Make CSS3 animations using Sencha Animator.

Understand how the whole Google authorship thing can increase your page views substantially

10 top online survey tools for your nonprofit!

Android tip: How to print documents directly from your phone.

iOs 7 logo, 2Kb in pure CSS.


Genius! Toilet sign at London's Paddington station apparently offers facilities for Daleks.

Sweater: a garment worn by a child when a mother feels chilly.

1.Take photo through window of pet/child/friend/partner, nose squashed to glass
2. Set image as phone/tablet wallpaper
3. Smile at them 'inside' your phone

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