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W-E-B Issue 226 ~ July (i) 2013
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Win social media book | More on social media | Communicating well | Apologetics | Popular culture | World we live in | Back it up | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"You don't learn to dance by reading a book. You learn to dance on the dance floor with a teacher. And so it is with the Christian life"


The Social Media Gospel
Sharing the Good News in New Ways
Mereith Gould
ISBN: 978-0-8146-3558-2 You may know Meredith Gould as the person behind the #chsocm Twitter hashtag, for discussing all things church/social media. So Dr Gould knows her stuff! She is an established author, sociologist and social media consultant, with digital experience going back to the beginning of the Internet. But this is not an academic book - it's highly readable, laced with whimsical humor - and provides a valuable introduction to any church leader or member who is considering whether, or how, to start out or develop a social media strategy. Read review and preview a number of the book pages.

The book publishes 15 July in N America, and 30 September in Europe. You can win a copy, just by clicking here to tweet or share on Facebook adding the hashtag #winsmg to your 'Write something' introduction.


Tagboard is a good way of viewing all the posts for a particular hashtag, across multiple platforms.

5 reasons pastors should use social networking.

Facebook adopts hashtags - so grab the opportunity to use them: 7 ways nonprofits can benefit from hashtags.

7 Social Media Tips That Will Take Your Church From Woe To Whoavia, by Steve Fogg.

Dangers in posting a new hashtag - research it first!


Links in an evangelistic daisy chain - video from Igniter with some valuable lessons.

The Number One Reason People Don't Receive Our Message is a valuable post from Len Wilson, one in his forthcoming blog series Jesus Marketer. I hope he will publish the series as a free ebook. And on a very similar wavelength, Our failure to connect effectively with outsiders is a vital explanation of strategy by Sheridan Voysey.

15 Things You Need to Know About Unchurched People Today

7 ways to turn your passive #church service into an active learning experience.

Publish your ebook on Amazon.

Is Your Website Attractional or Missional and Why It Matters

Latest podcast from Internet Toolbox for Churches: Internet Trends For Churches With Better Things To Think About.

Sample chapter from Measures of Story: How to Create a Story from Floats and Anecdotes by master storyteller Sean Buluva.

Visual Story Network offers 1-day Paris Story Seminar on 30 July.


59 confirmed or historically probable facts in the Gospel of John.

3 types of apologetics, depending on purpose and audience.

Outsider-friendly free to republish article on the new Superman film Man of Steel by Rusty Wright.

Seeing Christ in films: part 1 | part 2.

Quiz on God-connections for Ozzy Osborne and Black Sabbath.

Studio Ghibli murals on display in Japan outside cinemas.


I am Second online evangelistic ministry launches in Romanian.

I want one! Tiny powerful plugin flash unit for smartphones.

Bono goes on Focus on the Family | more.

If Indian states were countries, look how big they are.

If Siri can help suicidal people this way, why can't Google provide similar helpful messages. Instead of listing how-to suicide and self-harm sites.


During the film's nine-month redevelopment, Toy Story 2 was almost completely erased from Pixar's network and mainframe. Someone at Pixar mistakenly used a command keystroke that led to the film's disappearance from the Pixar servers. With Toy Story 2's backup files also corrupted, Pixar would have to start the animation process again with only a few months until its release date. Luckily, the film's technical director made copies of the film on her home computer, so Toy Story 2's production was miraculously saved. Full story.

Back up important stuff in multiple locations - offsite DVD, in several places in the cloud, eg with a Dropbox account and the free storage space you may not even realise you automatically have at Google, Amazon, etc.


- non-techies look away now
10 Things Worship Leaders and Audio Techs Can do to Support One Another.

Embed Instagram videos into your website.

Why Frank Viola prefers Constant Contact for email lists.

Free images for your website or publication | more.


Amazing but practical tips to simplify your daily life and storage.

Kate Bottley's wedding flashmob video has gone viral worldwide. She's a graduate of the nearest evangelical bible college to our village here in UK and talks here about the totally unexpected viral impact the film has had. By the way, the two older ladies who leave during the dance needed the toilet. And for the minority of people who have given negative, even hurtful feedback to Kate, journalist George Luke tweeted: "Dear Everyone Who's Whinged and/or Moaned About the @revkatebottley Video: Do yourselves a favour and stay away from African weddings."

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