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W-E-B Issue 217 ~ January (i) 2013
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Les Miserables | Popular culture | Church websites | Potential of social networking | Communicating well | Looking back at Christmas | Mobile phones | The world we live in | Tech tips | Tailend funnies


The new Les Mis film offers a unique opportunity to engage with the millions of people who are currently watching what is arguably the most redemptive musical ever. There are some great resources to help you:

• The film's cast discuss the spiritual dimension of the story in this short video made by Crosswalk.

Mercy Triumphs is a short article by Rusty Wright that you can republish online or in print. Use it in your church website?

• Damaris mediawatch ministry has released some great video shorts addressing redemptive issues in the film (and a discussion handbook) that you can use in meetings or embed into websites.

• I've also drawn together a wide range of other Les Mis resources which includes book recommendations, the libretto and Cliff's Study Notes free online, and much more.

Ripples of Grace article from UK's Evangelical Alliance.

Les Mis is sweeping across Far East with incredible popularity - this is a worldwide opportunity.

My 10 Favorite Quotes from Les Miserables, by Trevin Wax.

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Spiritual themes in The Hobbit movie. And the foolish wisdom of Bilbo Baggins. What If Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli made The Hobbit? Well, actually they did, more or less.

• The delicious remastered Babette̱s Feast may still be in UK arthouse cinemas, and re-releases to DVD shortly.

Free official resources from Damaris for the inspirational Quartet film about living life fully.

• CT's list of most redemptive films of 2012

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• Are you working to make sure your church's material posted online resonates with its intended audience? Tips.

Why church sites fail - all churches need to read this.

• Your church front door has been moved - without anyone telling you!

• A 15-minute video demonstration showing setting up a new church website from scratch.

• Free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Ministry Process Design.

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YesHEIs animated video: how easy it now is to share faith on Facebook. Great to download and show in church to explain potential of posting video clips.

The 'dangers' of Twitter, ie great advantages.

• Now that Google+ has communities, people are asking more about HOW it works. Here's a primer.

15 Social Media Mistakes that are strangling your success.

• Why social networks are for Sharing and Not Telling

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• Get a year's supply of Outreach Magazine for only $10 (higher outside US), offer valid till 15 Feb.

• Falling Plates evangelistic video short - clear challenge expressed in good imagery, yet non-formulaic. Has been subtitled into a number of languages. eg Romanian.

• Science of storytelling: why telling a story is the most powerful way to activate our brains. And why we need stories.

• Here's storyteller Wilton Blake's amazing curated list of best resources for non-profit storytelling.

• Communication is all about tone, not just content.

• • How to preach like a Pharisee.

• Writing: don't use scare quotes wrongly.

• What can we learn from anamorphic art about effective communication?

• Focused blogging: 5 Rules for Attractive Writing.

• How to make better promo videos for your church or charity.

• Great place to start: A Checklist for Building Your Platform in 2013.

• Finding friends: connecting with people through hobby websites and blogs.

• 5 ways an introvert can build a thriving audience online.

• How to deliver a talk without using notes. Plus the 12 most ridiculous communication myths to stop believing.

• Why we're not reaching the unchurched.

Global Short Film Network's upcoming short film school could be the next step for you in producing video shorts.

• Writing: don't mess up on using hyphens, because clarity can be lost.

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• How one church killed their traditional Christmas pageant and threw a party for their city instead.

Carols by Glowstick: a simple idea turns into a viral Christmas video for one church.

Krish Kandiah's choice of effective and thought-provoking Christmas videos.

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4 surprising ways mobile phones are used in Africa (calls not included).

• The JESUS Film is now available as free phone app. Find this evangelism tool in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.

• Africa has more mobile phone users than the US or EU.

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• And the 3rd-largest religious group in the world is...?

• World's three largest Bible translators join forces to eradicate Bible poverty.

• UK's SOON Ministries team produces free outreach literature in easy-English, French for Africa, Swahili and Fulani dialects. They urgently need new team members (it's difficult for non-EU residents to get work permits). Check the SOON Ministries Facebook page, Twitter feed, and job vacancies news release, where you can also request free sample copies of these papers.

• Infographic shows the incredible digital media changes in the last 10 years. Where will we be in one, two years? What are our biggest digital challenges?

• Why we should expect witnesses to disagree.

Dealing with grief: Five things NOT to say and five things to say in a trauma involving children.

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- non-techies look away now makes infographics. Or use MS Publisher.

Project to your TV from your iPad.

• Free phonecalls through Gmail - what you need to know.

• The ultimate social media sizing Cheat Sheet.

Five custom searches you could enable in your browser right now.

Convert streaming video to MP3.

Take a Google Streetview journey, choose your start and ending points. Amazing.

• Uncommon but handy HTML Tags.

• How to create image maps with HTML and CSS.

• Twitter has started rolling out the option to download all your tweets.

10 Things You Need to Know about WordPress 3.5.

• How to Duplicate Elements using CSS3 Box Shadows.

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"Canada. We've got your geese. All of them. Please tell us what time you can come round to collect them."

London's Tower Bridge forced to open for 50-foot rubber duck - genuine story.

Friends in Africa, Scandinavia (and anywhere cold) will love this satirical spoof music 'aid appeal'.

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