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W-E-B Issue 220 ~ February (ii) 2013
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Reaching hurting people | New phone app in Spanish | More mobile news | IE Day | Popular culture | Communicating well | Easter resources | Storytelling | The world we live in | Social media | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...
"You can't take the ring and stay in the Shire" - Chet Scott


For some years, the Internet has been the first port of call for anyone looking for answers to almost any question, whether it be simple facts, or advice and help for any life problem.

This story of online help for a hurting person is not unusual: "It was a last-ditch effort. Nothing else had worked. No one had answers to my questions, or comfort for my pain. The bullying was more than I could handle and I just wanted to be free of it. I recalled seeing something on the news about Amanda Todd and voices in my head told me I would end up like her, so why bother looking for help? I should just do it - end my miserable life." Read more.

Ementor volunteers
When a large online outreach ministry receives emails like this, they use one of their large group of trained e-mentors - trained volunteers working from home, who know how to respond sensitively to inquirers or those with serious life issues. Big outreach teams such as Truthmedia (this story is theirs), GMO, (in multiple languages), NeedHim and others are always recruiting new volunteers with the appropriate gifts to become e-mentors. This can be an amazing and rewarding ministry.


Samuel De Jesús is the leader of the digital ministry He's a frequent speaker at the September COICOM Spanish-language conferences. He writes,

"I would like to share with the whole Internet Evangelism community, with great joy, that we finally have our Mensajes de Fe app (Android and Apple versions) ready for the world!

The app offers:

  1. Ver Mensaje de Fe (God's Plan for Salvation) - it allows the user to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and provide contact information for follow-up
  2. Enviar Mensaje: this tool allows the user to share the app with one or all contacts
  3. Nuestra Pagina (Our page): links the user to our evangelistic web page
  4. Buscar Iglesias (Church finder):uses GPS and Google Maps/Google Places technology
  5. Siguenos en Twitter (Follow us on Twitter): only available on the Android version
  6. Sobre Nosotros (About Us) - links the user to our ministry's web page
Please help us and let the Internet Evangelism community know about this project!!! (You can copy this article and the graphics to use on your site, blog or newsletter.) For us, this is really like a "dream come true."

Download the app: Amazon Android Market | iTunes App Store


Other evangelistic apps available: Talking About Jesus | Creation to Christ | JESUS Film.
App to explain how to start a spiritual conversation (multi-language web app): God's GPS.

Of course, any smartphone user can also keep their own choice of downloaded video clips on their phone - conversation-starters or presentations to use in the context of a one-to-one discussion. Sources of video clips include Damaris (relating to popular culture), Focus (apologetics), YesHeIs (in various languages) and Global Short Film Network (conversation-starting, often short parable-like stories). Many video shorts on YouTube also have a download option, enabling you to build your own library of video shorts, which of course can also be projected in meetings, youth groups, etc.

This new tool AppMachine sounds like it will boost the ability of non-profits and ministries to create mobile apps. "...perhaps the most powerful 'create your own mobile app' product we've seen," says The Next Web team.

Infographic on how people use mobile, at Mobile Ministry Magazine.

The potential of mobile video today for education.

If you wish to learn about the use of mobiles in Africa, or explain the potential in a seminar, here's a useful Slideshare presentation.

Hush your Android phone automatically with this app.

Our recent blog posts about mobile phone ministry resources.


Please mark your diaries, and suggest to your church leadership or ministry team that you might use this opportunity to explore the growing opportunities for digital evangelism and min istry (including mobiles). There's a short news release here, which you can shareusing these one-click links to Facebook and Twitter. There is a Pinterest 'pin it' button on the page, so you can add our poster to any Christian-topic Pinterest board.

We'll be sending a longer news release to you next time, and also an invitation to complete a short questionnaire about digital evangelism . A s a th ank you gift for doing this, you'll get a free ebook by Paul Clifford of Trinity Digital Media - you can also find him on Twitter @PaulAlanClif - thanks Paul!


Free Damaris resources on Song for Marion, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Shadow Dancer, and The Guilt Trip.

Top 10 Best Spiritual Movies of 2012.

Adrian Fricker has produced a ready-made Les Mis handout as a printable two-up A4/Letter size PDF file. Download it here. You are also completely free to reuse or modify the text for your own purposes, under a Creative Commons license.

Disney's Paperman just won an Oscar for best animation. Watch it here. It demonstrates how well a non-verbal animation can communicate - animated films have great potential for cross-cultural evangelism. YWAM offer a training course for this. By the way, those who remember the magical French film The Red Balloon (available on DVD) will see a clear homage to it within Paperman.

Surprising stats on how many movies evangelicals watched in 2012.


Digital ministry conferences this year in Nigeria, Thailand and UK.

Should the Church be into marketing? Interesting insights from Len Wilson.

Church planting - free ebook by Bill Couchenour and Ed Bahler

There has been a seismic shift in evangelism since the 50s, says James White.

The problem with guerrilla-style evangelism.

Lee Strobel believes we are on the cusp of a new golden era in apologetics.

The de-churched: why they left.


Free to republish outsider-friendly articles about Easter by evangelist Rusty Wright.

Easter templates and ready-to-print PDFs from Yvon Prehn.

Latest Easter pictures from Free Bible Images ready for Easter storytelling.


How to create a culture of storytelling in your nonprofit or ministry.

Why we need fairy tales.

How do you speak about Jesus to a world that is often only familiar with misconceptions? You tell stories, says Sheridan Voysey.

8 great examples of nonprofit storytelling using video shorts.


"I love people, but maybe I am an introvert": Guide To Understanding The Introverted.

The story behind the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' slogan.

Detailed news of different countries in a missions context, from Justin Long, in his latest issue of The Long View.


Josh Burns lists useful social media resources and examples.

21 nonprofit uses for Twitter's Vine video app. More on how can we use them?

How to delete a retweet.


- non-techies look away now
Five free desktop backup tools you may never have heard of.

Beware of malicious Chrome extension that can take over users' Facebook accounts.

Ondesoft Audio Recorder freebie.

Add a Pinterest 'pin it' button to any w ebpage using this script. (Of course, if you have a WordPress site, you should use a WordPress plugin instead.)

You remember all the bits of HTML code we used to use back in the day? You know, the stuff that then got designated as 'deprecated' - pre-CSS and generally old-fashioned. Look at the source code for any formatted gmail message, and you'll see the old code is still alive and well!


"Dad, I made a card for mom." "That's sweet!" "It says, 'PLEASE GET ME A BARBIE!!!'" "Oh."
- Scott McClellan @scottmcclellan

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