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W-E-B Issue 228 ~ August (i) 2013
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Communicating well online | Apologetics | Storytelling | Popular Culture | Film-making | Social networking | Church ministry | Mobile ministry | Conferences | Vacancies | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"The deepest need of the human spirit is to be understood. People are desperate for intimacy. They want others to hear their story." - S Covey


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Internet evangelism must not end there, says Alan Knox.

Free ebooks to help you write with clarity | 6 exercises to help you write concise copy.

How to communicate your ideas effectively.

Are popup forms a wise addition to your website? Do they work?

Why infographics communicate well. Explained in, err, an infographic. Plus free tools to make them with.

How Jesus communicated with crowds - part 5 in Len Wilson's excellent series (destined to become an ebook).

More blog posts on effective communication and infographics.


Think on These Things: How to Miss the Point. A guide to dimwitted discourse - how to actually discuss things inappropriately and ineffectively, in apologetics or anything else.

Interesting to note that Christianity is falsifiable, unlike other religions.


Feedback summary from the Paris Story Seminar, organized by the Visual Story Network.

Video Interview with 'Hero's Journey' guru Chris Vogler - explaining the near-universal template for effective stories, indeed the one we follow subconsciously when telling a story.

How C S Lewis used story to initiate the reader into a traditional moral vision by awakening desire.

Parables are not just sermon illustrations, says Scot McKnight.

Subscribe to the Storytelling for Nonprofits Weekly, from Wilton Blake, storytelling advisor.

More blog posts on storytelling.


Free resources from Damaris for About Time movie.

Studio Ghibli film From Up on Poppy Hill is showing in Europe this month (review) and releases as DVD in USA 3 September.

See more blog posts on movies.


How to shoot your movie on Oxford Street (or other ridiculously public location).


How to force Facebook to show the RIGHT people consistently in your feed.

Nine key elements you should maybe have in a social media strategy.

5 new Facebook features your nonprofit needs to know about. And 5 ways Facebook can help your nonprofit.

Understand what 'Liking' a Facebook page does or does not give you or your readers.

Social media, in its widest sense, goes back beyond the beginning of the Internet, as this infographic explains.

Churches and nonprofits can create YouTube channels.

More blog posts on social networking.

The five winners of our competition to receive a copy of The Social Media Gospel will receive their copies soon. The book has been receiving very positive comment.


Latest resources and advise from Internet Toolbox for Churches.

A Beginner's Guide to 5 types of church website content. Free graphics resources for churches.

Church website navigation should make sense to newcomers.

Will you want to use the new church domain extension .church?

Tips from TED: Why sermons should be 18 minutes or less?

5 Lessons on using digital technology in church, by Len Wilson.

More blog posts about church digital ministry.


10 top Christian smartphone apps.

How Facebook is working to get its apps onto cheap dumb phones across the world.

Opportunities for mobile ministry in Majority World: Mobile Advance.

More blog posts on mobile ministry.


Christian New Media Conference, London, 9 November 2013.

Call2All missions/media conference, Mexico 5-8 November 2013.

This year in September, COICOM will hold two hispanic conferences, in Paraguay and Honduras.


The SOON Ministries team, based in Derby UK, urgently needs new fulltime staff for their outreach literature ministry to Africa and India. You could be a part of this strategic ministry. More details. are always recruiting sparetime home-based e-mentors to connect with email inquirers to their sites. More details.


- non-techies look away now

How using Google Images can cost you $8,000. Moral: use only creative commons images within their terms.

WordPress is the CMS system of choice for a growing percentage of the web.

Sitepoint tutorial on CSS3 transitions.

Test websites for mobile users.

Scan, track, and control how smartphone apps access your personal data.


When Kate, William and the Royal Baby go to her parents in Bucklebury, I hope Farmer and Mrs Maggot will drop in with mushrooms.

Writers, designers, typesetters: you will collapse in laughter over replacement for lorem ipsum placeholder text: bacon ipsum.

10 things you should never say to a designer.

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