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W-E-B Issue 216 ~ December (i) 2012
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Social networking effectively | Mobile phone opportunities | Communicating well | Ebooks and Kindle | Film-making | Popular culture | World we live in | Conferences | Missions | Writing | Tech tips | Tailend fun

They say...

"Every person you meet is a hurting human being. We all don't hurt in the same places, but we all hurt" - Len Sweet

"None of us is as smart as all of us" - Ken Blanchard


Erik Qualman does it again: latest amazing incarnation of his video short, explaining social media trends. You can also download it to show in meetings.

Twitter Fail: tweeting tips for leaders, from Phil Cooke.

Why most social strategies fail, says LinkedIn.
Social media and Christian bookshops - these are not optional recommendations, but survival essentials.

Without social media, your non-profit or ministry may die.

Look at tweets around the world on a real-time world map.

How much does Klout score matter? Quite a lot if applying for certain sorts of jobs.

If your organization is doing high-end social networking advocacy, these tools may help.

Add interactive images in tweets.

How to get more out of your social sharing buttons.

How Twitter can help people discover your church.

Anyone using Twitter Cards? Finding it useful?

How to measure your social media traffic using Google Analytics.

Not sure how to get started with Their video explains.

Google authorship tag is a vital addition for bloggers.

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There are now an amazing 1 billion smartphones worldwide.

Responsive navigation: optimizing for touch across touch-screen devices.

Afghan women educated through cellphones.

South African mobile internet research report.

Siine - unique, effective mobile keyboard.

Google launches new program to get a billion featurephone users onto the Internet for the first time.

Encourage members to invite friends to church with an app.

8 Android apps to enhance youth ministry.

Using an IPad or Android tablet to help you tell a Bible story.

YouVersion bible phone app now in Finnish and Vietnamese.

10 iPhone apps that can help you learn a new city.

Helpful overview of the great mobile technology leap forward.

Want your phone to last? Top 10 DIY repairs and upgrades for your smartphone.

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Infographics are hot, your boring data is not! How and why to communicate information with an infographic.

Structure your talks like a story.

Storytelling is essential: winning the story wars (video short).

"Why don't you buy me a drink?" Jesus says. "Excuse me?" she replies. Read more.

Sometimes humor is the best way to communicate - hobbit air safety talk.

TED lecture topic playlists - find what you need easily.

Don't sandbag people, at Christmas parties or anywhere else.

10 common branding mistakes that churches make.

The danger of christianese jargon.

Two new sets of free graphical bible illustrations: Philip in Acts.

How to write an effective speech.

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I don't have a Kindle, but I have Kindle - in the form of free software on my laptop and smartphone. Amazon don't make the download pages very easy to find - here they are:
UK | US | Canada | France | Germany

This will give you access to not only pay-for Kindle books, but also a wide range of free classics, plus Christian and secular books which are sometimes offered free, prepublication, or for a limited period. If you follow @Missionaries on Twitter, you will frequently hear of these free Kindle offers. With the Kindle player, you can also download and read third-party ePub files.

Check also listing of free ebooks.

Paul Clifford's excellent new book The Serving Churchs is free on Kindle 11 & 12 December only.

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Competition for makers of short films: enter The Pitch or vote on the submissions.
Too late to submit a video short to the Nativity Factor Christmas video competition this year, but check the winners on 17 December.

14 ways to promote your latest YouTube video.

Wikipedia launches new HTML5 video player to enable video posting in their articles.

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Free resources from Damaris about new Life of Pi film.

Les Miserables
movie gives amazing opportunity to demonstrate redemptive parallels. And coming shortly on that page - free-to-re-use materials about the film from Damaris and Rusty Wright for outsiders.

75 years ago, a movie paved the way for all future full-length animations. What was it?

Must-see children's films of 2012.

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Child abuse:
USA was shocked by the Jerry Sandusky affair. Now UK is reeling with the revelation that TV personality Jimmy Saville was grooming and abusing over a period of 40 years. Malcolm Gladwell explains how people get away with it for so long.
Rusty Wright offers a new outsider-friendly article for republishing, on hope after abuse.

C S Lewis - The Screwtape Letters (narrated by John Cleese).

Christian Christmas and humor cards you'd not be embarrassed to share. Un-churchy whimsy by FourEwe.

"The single greatest reason for ministry innovation and a graph I can't stop thinking about," says Will Mancini.

Where does your ministry fall in The Four Stages of Mobile Maturity?

NASA can email you when the space station is overhead.

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Powerful resource for authors and musicians - getting the word out about your book or album.

Video: how to publish on Kindle and other ebook formats.

Announcing SUMS: a free book summary tool.

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Are you interested in computers and missions? ICCM Europe Conference 30 Jan - 2 Feb, Netherlands.

Call2All Media conference 2013,

When travelling to a conference, or anywhere else, how to use a single carry-on bag and travel light, explains Michael Hyatt.

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Hesperian's Where There is No Doctor Safe Pregnancy and Birth mobile app could be vital.

Nigeria and social media - an incredible opportunity. Lagos has a larger population than many countries.  

Official Google Africa Blog for all lovers of sub-Saharan
Africa - news, stories and thoughts.

Online Bibles and Christian music in Hindi and other Indian languages.

Hong Kong University's Facebook orientation outreach engages 6000 freshmen.

Tails helps online anonymity.

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5 ways to build your brand outside of the church.

New Christmas drama scripts
from Drama Share.

3 reasons why the foyer is so important in a church building.

Free ebook for church planters, by Geoff Surratt.

94% of
UK young people will never find faith of any kind.

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- non-techies look away now

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"She had blue skin, and so did he. He kept it hid, and so did she. They searched for blue their whole life through, then passed right by - and never knew." - Shel Silverstein   [Source: Pastor Tim ]

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