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W-E-B Issue 198 ~ October (i) 2011
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"God doesn't want something from us. He simply wants us." - C S Lewis


FREE EBOOK: WELL CONNECTED - Phill Butler's highly recommended book is the definitive work on ministry collaboration. All you need to do is sign up to be notified by email when the new Power of Connecting website is launched, and you get the download link immediately:

7 THINGS You Should Know About eBooks:

MEDIA SHIFT AND EBOOKS - Nicholas Carr writes, as an introduction to his thoughts on ebooks and direction that the new Kindle is taking us, "The future arrives wearing the clothes of the past. The first book that came off a printing press - Gutenberg's Bible - used a typeface that had been meticulously designed to look like a scribe's handwriting. The first TV shows were filmed radio broadcasts. The designers of personal computers used the metaphor of a desk for organizing information. The world wide web had 'pages'. The home pages of online newspapers mimicked the front pages of their print editions. As Richard Goldstein succinctly put it, "Every novel technology draws from familiar forms until it establishes its own aesthetic."

KINDLE LIBRARY borrowing now available in US:

EBOOKS ARE NOT WEBSITES - We treat ebooks, websites, and mobile phones differently. No one wants to read a long webpage because it requires continued scrolling, and web browsing is normally spur-of-the-moment surfing for specific information, often by following recommended links. (Tip - hit spacebar to jump down one screen of a webpage.) We don't usually take time out to spend even 30 minutes within the same site.

Reading a downloaded ebook is completely different to browsing, whether on a laptop, e-reader, or smartphone/tablet. We set aside a block of time as we would for a paper book, in the evening or some other leisure period, or perhaps while commuting. Page turns are easy - a single click. There are no distracting links or menus to check. Just sheer pure text, like the old days! E-readers will also remember our previous progress through the book! We can also annotate as we read.

If you are a blogger or web writer, and your subject area does not relate to current news or issues, then you have a major opportunity to draw together related blogs or webpages into a coherent ebook, and offer it free (or at low cost). No one is ever going to work through your old blog posts to read all you have written on a subject. It just virtually never happens, because they are not in 'book mode'. But give them a well-written ebook download, and your written material has a new lease of life! Relatively little editing is needed.

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MID-EAST INTERNET SOCIALISING A NATIONAL PASTIME? "A recent study reveals that the average UAE resident clocks a minimum of three hours a day on social media sites, elevating internet socialising almost to the level of a national pastime."

IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR IT, you are not the customer:

GOOGLE+ - Educators can use Google+:

SECRET GROUPS - Your social networking does not need to be public. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all offer routes for a small group of friends or colleagues to interact privately, either on A time-limited project, or more permanently. Here's how to do it on Facebook:


GOOGLE+ - how to get started:

BLOGGING - types of blog posts that work:

HOT BLOG POSTS - when posts are unexpectedly popular, use the opportunity:

WHAT THE LATEST FACEBOOK CHANGES mean for your church or nonprofit:

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A CHURCH WEBSITE CAN REALLY reach outsiders, if done right. Get a free report on your site's ability to do this:

WORDPRESS - there are many articles on using WordPress for church sites, eg:

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WHY ART should matter to Christians:

THE CHURCH AT AUVERS - one of van Goch's famous pictures prompts Justin Wise to muse:

UK CHRISTIANS IN WEB AND MEDIA - you'll find the MediaNet news and resources helpful. Sign up for newsletter:

BELIEBER! Fame, Faith and the Heart of Justin Bieber - award-winning author explores the faith and life of the world's most
popular teenager:

WHY MANGA BIBLES? "One of the questions I get asked most is how Bible stories could ever be told in manga," says Patrick Woodward:

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JAPAN TSUNAMI - since the March earthquake and tsunami that leveled much of Japan, thousands of wallets containing a total of $48 million in cash have washed ashore - and been turned in. In addition, 5,700 safes containing $30 million in cash also have turned up. "The fact that a hefty 2.3 billion yen in cash has been returned to its owners shows the high level of ethical awareness in the Japanese people," Ryuji Ito, professor at Japan's Yokohama University said. "These acts of integrity are simply reflective of the culture."

More than 3,900 people are still missing:

HALLOWEEN - Check the Damaris resources for Halloween:

CITIZENSHIP CONFUSION - 9/11 and the complexity of the world:


THE FIRST EVER EMAIL - was sent 40 years ago this month:

STUNNING TIMELAPSE shots of God's world:

WHAT IS THE GOSPEL? Trevin Wax has put together definitions of the gospel made by leaders past and present:

MUSIC - See the amazing ebb and flow of different music media:

GREEK in church:

KIBERA SLUMS - UK's Evangelical Alliance Krish Kandiah tries to process his reactions to it:

THESE KIDS are so cool:

EMAIL OVERLOAD - how to handle it:

STEVE JOBS TRIBUTES - Andy Crouch on Apple's contribution to culture:
- and YouVersion's appreciation of Jobs' contribution to bible reading:

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CALL2ALL is a partnership of hundreds of organizations in the world, all working together to complete the Great Commission in our generation. Create International, Visual Story Network, and others are working to create a dynamic media track focused on reaching the least-reached at the gathering to be held November 29 - December 3 in Long Beach, California:

MOBILE MINISTRY CONSULTATION - A focused group of thinkers and practitioners will assemble for our second consultation on the mobile device in ministry. Never before in human history has there been a technology as highly personal, rapidly deployed, and universally embraced as the mobile. Extraordinary opportunities for impact await those who will consider how to leverage the mobile device for the sake of the Great Commission and Great Commandment:

FINAL CALL for London day conference (15 Oct) and Paraguay (18-22 October):

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Next year, Digital Outreach Month is April, with IE Day set for the last Sunday of the month, 29 April.

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4 OBVIOUS but overlooked strategies:

HASHTAG NEEDED for video shorts? Your feedback please.

It's good when an interest group can agree on a twitter hashtag to focus on their area of interest. For instance, after discussion and brainstorming, practitioners/advocates agreed on #ieway for web and digital evangelism, and #mobmin for mobile phone/device ministry. (If you want to follow these, you can search at Twitter, or use a service such as followed by the hashtag (minus the #), ie

We'd now like to have a hashtag that relates to an evangelistic video short. The sort of clip that and promote, including animated shorts. These would include any clip which is a conversation-starter, parable, or visual story as well as direct presentations of the gospel. Acted stories, sequential stills/time lapse and sketches, animations, puppets, interviews, testimonies or monologues.

A hashtag like this needs:
- to be relatively short, so as to not use up too much space in a tweet
- be memorable
- be obvious in its meaning, for those who need to know
- apply only to this specific genre of video shorts, not all films

Of course, a hashtag can be clarified by other tags. For instance a video short which was also an anime, and in Japanese, can be posted as #videoshort #anime #japanese. An apologetic short could be likewise focused. So what seems to be needed is a hashtag that has general application for any evangelistic video clip up to about 10 minutes (rather than full-length drama films, lectures, sermons etc.)

Here's a few that have come up in discussions so far:
#faithmovie, #Godmovie, #Chrmovie, #Chrfilm, #Chrflix, #faithflix, #Jvid, #evanfilm, #evanshort, #minfilm, #Deofilm, #Jfilms, #Jflix, #Filmmin, #4reels, #Realreels, #Realreel

Please add other suggestions, or comment on any in this list. Write to:

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- non-techies look away now

MALWARE can even infect a WordPress installation:

To check WordPress vulnerability, use the Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin to both scan and protect:

SMARTPHONE APP design pointers:


LEARN CSS3 techniques:

DIAGNOSE ailing PCs:

WHEN PHOTOS are too big:

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Dormitory = Dirty Room
The Morse Code = Here come Dots
Slot Machines = Cash Lost in 'em
Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Z's
A Decimal Point = I'm a Dot in Place
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Astronomer = Moon Starer
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