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W-E-B Issue 183 ~ November 2010
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News this time...


"The second mile is never very crowded"


Next Internet Evangelism Day will be Sunday 15 May 2011. Please mark your diaries, and make it known in any way you can.

We will be offering new resources for churches and other groups to create a focus spot during a meeting, or include in church announcement sheets and newsletters. We also hope that the entire month of May can become a time where there is a particular focus on digital evangelism, both at a church level, and through blogs etc. blog comments, "The 20 Ways to Share Your Faith Online series we did last April was one of the best we've ever done in terms of both content and participation."

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FREE ARTICLES - Evangelist Rusty Wright offers free 'skeptic-friendly' evangelistic articles for re-use in print and online. These include three new articles specifically related to Christmas:

NATWIVITY - ShareCreative launch the Twitter/Facebook-based Natwivity on 1 December. This is a very creative and whimsical way to encourage outsiders to look at the Christmas story. Sign up now for the Twitter feed, then retweet it; or 'Like' the Facebook page, then 'share' posts:

NATIVITY STORY ON BBC TV - in the week before Christmas, UK's BBC TV will screen a 4-part story of the Christmas story. Those who have seen previews say it makes an excellent starting point. Peter Graystone (of Fresh Expressions) writes:

"My main message is that we can commend it to every church as something they can recommend with total confidence to their congregations and (even more importantly) those with whom they are in touch beyond their churches. It's in four episodes that will be broadcast on BBC1 in middle of the evening in the week leading up to Christmas Eve. And it is going to do more to promote Christian faith in this country than all the sermons of the year put together. It is that good!"

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FACEBOOK ADS for your church - a valuable way to engage with people in your community:

5 RESOURCES for Becoming a Digital Pastor - how to start, tips from Justin Wise:

INCREASE your Facebook fans:

CONNECTING Your Brand's Website Through Facebook - WebProNews says, "Facebook is, at the moment, the most important social network in the world."

HOW TO SELL products via Facebook fan pages:

FAN PAGE DESIGN - adding pictures, including big ones that make a fan page look incredible. Ministry Vault blog (well worth subscribing to) is up to part 3 of this fan-page series:

FAN PAGES - how to get news items visible to other Facebook users:

ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES just got easier on Facebook:

WALMART NEW STRATEGY - their CrowdSaver app means that a Walmart online sale price only becomes operative if enough people like it. This gives individuals wishing to buy something at a sale price a big incentive to 'like' the option and ask others to do. Very clever.

RESEARCH shows how and why people 'Like' commercial Fan Pages:

FACEBOOK EMAIL - how will it change things?

It's not just another normal email system:

MORE FACEBOOK resources from Digital Evangelism Issues blog:

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TIPS TO improve Tweeting:
... and also:

NEW Twitter interface - understanding it:

MORE on Twitter:

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CHRISTIAN VIDEO MAGAZINE - latest issue is available free online. Check out news of the 2011 online apologetics conference:

THE FUTURE OF ONLINE VIDEO - thoughts from guru Chris Brogan:

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'Emlyn and the Far Pools' short allegorical story is now available (grateful thanks to Christian Vision) as a short cartoon video clip. It's a challenge about outreach to the unchurched and unreached. Also available to download as a video, and free to be reproduced in print or online:

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Sometimes Google does not use your title tag words to create its own search result title any more!

New search engine Blekko is not going to make a dint in Google's dominance, but it does give some useful ready-to-use SEO stats about your page:

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SOCRATES GOT IT RIGHT - Perhaps one of biggest mistakes in much communication is our inability to let people find out things for themselves. Just as the well-meaning helping of a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis actually weakens it because the wings are not strengthened, so a one-way exposition, that does not give space to ask questions, can be sub-optimal.'s A J Rinaldi explains Socratic Evangelism - dialogue, creating questions, and enabling self-discovery - precisely what Jesus did:

OUR OTHER MAJOR FAILING - not to use story to communicate, in both evangelism and discipleship. If Jesus did, why don't we? Watch these video clips:

"STOP MARKETING, Start Communication," writes Steve Fogg:

OUTREACH TO CHILDREN - watch (and download in Quicktime) a new video which was shown at Lausanne:

SHARING TRUMPS QUALITY: second-best is sometimes best:

DESIGN AND USABILITY - any site with a large number of pages faces the challenge of how to make a clear intuitive menu so that people can easily get a sense of everything that's available. Jakob Neilsen highlights some issues in Mega-Menus Gone Wrong:

Check also his contention that we scan lists vertically, not horizontally, and that vertical lists should be left-aligned. It's worth adding that although most computer programs have a drop-down menu, they are usually click-only, not flyout, and most of the time we do not need to use them much. The flyout menu that most use on a daily basis is the Windows menu system, which is a left-to-right flyout:

THERE NEVER WAS a time when...
"Lots of research in economics and psychology shows that when we know something, it becomes hard for us to imagine not knowing it. As a result, we become lousy communicators."

BREAK THE RULES? When should we stop doing things the conventional way, think outside the box?

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'HOW BLOGGERS Can Find Journalistic Credibility': One key quote from this article: "I always assume my reader has acute attention deficit disorder. Everyone on the Internet is a skimmer. They're looking at Twitter feeds, Facebook, RSS, and a million different sites plus the 25 odd tabs they have going that they haven't looked at in the past week.

"So I format my blogs with italics, bolds, pictures... to force the reader into what I think is most important for them. Because your reader is going to skim. They can skim in the way you want or they can skim the way they want. I choose to have the power over that."

BEGINNER BLOG Sharing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

RSS - 8 Creative ways to use RSS feeds:

FREE 24-PAGE E-BOOK ON BLOGGING - although it refers specifically to business blogging, there are plenty of useful tips here that apply to a church or ministry blog. A valuable point made by expert contributor Tamar Weinberg is that a blog gives a human face to an otherwise impersonal organizational website, and this certainly applies to church, mission or non-profit sites. When you sign up for the download link, you do have to give your email address, but you can always unsub from any followup emails that HubSpot send you if they do not meet your needs:

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ARE YOU GOING TO NARNIA? The classic song from Second Chapter of Acts asked, "Take me along with you." Voyage of the Dawn Treader releases in December, and by all accounts is well worth the wait:

SWAN LAKE as you have never, ever, seen it before - yet as serious ballet - from the Chinese State Circus:

JAPAN - traditional art illustrates the gospels:

HALLELUJAH CHORUS flash mobs - in Philadelphia and Canada:

FLASH MOBS are an eye-catching opportunity we should use more:

SUICIDE MISSION - Jamie Tworkowski's ministry shows love to self-destructive teens.

GOOGLE STREETVIEW for ancient historic sites:

HOW TO SAY NO - advice from Chris Brogan:

AND DON'T take stuff personally:

NEW BROWSER - ROCKMELT. Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame (if you can remember Netscape!) is working on a new browser Rockmelt. It's just released in Beta, and seems to offer remarkable integration of social networking sites, news, and twitter, as well as an innovative way of displaying search results:,2817,2372080,00.asp

THIS DAY'S THOUGHT has been online for 12 years and now reaches 32,000 daily readers with a Christian message of inspiration and encouragement:

THE SERENITY PRAYER as a flow chart, and thoughts on balanced decisions:

OPERATION WORLD - book launch, with interviews:

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MOBILE OPTIONS. By this time next year, the majority of mobile phones sold in the West will be Smartphones, ie. large touch screens that can download apps, and much more. In addition, tablet devices are going to rocket. The iPad has sold 7.5 million so far, but next year predicted sales are 48 million. There are a number of competing, mainly Android, tablets about to be released on the market. Kindle is also carving its own niche. Expect the entire mobile device context to look surprisingly different by next year. TechRepublic discusses your choices and options:

MOBILE BIBLE DOWNLOADS - YouVersion offers a wide range of translations and languages for most mobile operating systems. Some versions can be downloaded for offline reading. New enhancements to the system were announced this month. And the cost is right: 0.00:

500 MILLION AFRICANS use mobile phones, reports Africa News:

MOBILE ADVANCE - check the new blog posts on all things mobile phone evangelism:

NEW BATTERY helps rural Africans stay connected by mobile:

QR CODES - 5 ways journalists can use QR codes:

ST PANCRAS TRAIN STATION STATUE - When London's dramatic Victorian station was rebuilt for the high-speed line to Europe, a 30-foot statue 'The Meeting Place' by Paul Day was installed:

Recently a circular frieze at eye level was added, telling aspects of the station's story. There's a whimsical reference to the main statue of a couple embracing (it gives the impression of a WW2 reunion), but on the frieze, the woman is looking at her mobile: a parable we could use in many ways. It's at 0.18 here:

MORE MOBILE NEWS ITEMS - from the Digital Evangelism Issues blog. And guess how many mobile phones were sold in the last 24 hours:

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SECRET SHOPPER - Why hire a secret shopper for your church?

... and why people decide in 11 minutes whether they will be more than a first-time visitor:

LIVECHURCH will be available on Web TV:

CHURCH HISTORY - What did the Celts ever do for us?

WHAT BUYING AN IPAD taught one blogger about effective face-to-face ministry:

MINISTRY - we have an enemy:

THE LEAVERS: Young Doubters Exit the Church. More than in previous generations, 20- and 30- somethings are abandoning the faith. Why?

THOUGHTS ABOUT online church:

WORDPRESS - "How I upgraded my church site for almost nothing." continues to develop (as a free open source program), and is no longer just as a platform for blogs. It is now a very credible system for church websites, and growing numbers are using it:
... and why it's the one to consider:

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- not techies look away now

Google integrates and syncs GoogleDocs with MS Office:

Connect big screen/multiple screens to MacBook:

BIT.LY versus GOO.GL - which is best?

BEWARE of public wifi:

VIDEO FORMATS - a quick explanation:

HOW TO AJAXIFY your Wordpress site:

FEEDBURNER has been upgraded by Google:

BEST PDF TOOLS - advice from Mr Nifty:

SOME BEST FREE SOFTWARE - suggestions from Worldstart:



AGAPAGE - great for churches:

JQUERY MOBILE - good for cross-platform mobile apps:

How to Make a CSS3 Floating Follow Tab with Rollover Effects

PHP SECURITY - take care:

YOUTUBE - tweaks to embed code. If you have a flyout menu, or other popup items on your page which get hidden behind an embedded YouTube video on your site, add the following to your embed code:
a) you will see several <param></param> settings in the code. Include this new line:
<param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param>
b) in the line that includes the second embed code of the YouTube URL, include:

IPHONE APPS - start to build them:

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"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."

'Playing with the moon' photos are fun:

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