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W-E-B Issue 178 ~ March 2010
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News this time...


"Once you get people laughing, they're listening and you can tell them almost anything" - Herbert Gardner


Thanks to everyone who has blogged, Facebooked, tweeted, or otherwise helped to make IE Day known. If you still have an opportunity to do this, here's some ready-made news to use on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or in your church announcement sheet:

Singapore has a whole week of IE Day meetings called IED@SG:

OurChurch blog is running a special series of 20 daily blog postings to integrate with IE Day: '20 Ways to Share Your Faith Online':


One in three web users outside China now have Facebook accounts (it is banned in China). Facebook is, I believe, one of our biggest online opportunities for sensitively sharing faith, because:
- anyone can create a Facebook page
- it's relational and dialogue
- it can leverage other online resources: video clips and websites

Here are guidelines:

FACEBOOK VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - If you have 5 minutes to spare each week using Facebook, and would like to promote several outreach literature opportunities to Africa/Asia, please write for more details:

OUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGES - If you are on Facebook, please would you consider adding our Fan Pages to your own FB page? Please click the 'Become a fan' button, and if you have the 'Favorite Pages' application installed, also click on 'Add this page to your page's favorites'. We have three fan pages covering different aspects of online evangelism:

- Internet Evangelism Day:
- Church websites for outsiders:
- Free e-books:

and also a page offering free outreach literature for Africa and Asia:

Facebook tips: although you cannot format text on most areas of the edited text areas of Facebook, you CAN copy/paste special unicode characters such as square bullet points, arrows, stars and much more:

It is also possible to insert links into Facebook left margins using the Extended Info application. This is a nightmare to install into Fan Pages, but it can be done.

APPLICATIONS - there is a big need for Facebook applications with a genuine appropriate evangelistic role:


Mobile phones are the other growing opportunity for digital evangelism. One way is to load some short video clips onto a phone, which we can use to initiate a conversation. Some useful clips can be parable question-asking stories. The Global Short Film Network offers a range of clips intended for this, and watch the chilling parable Alma:

The Big Story is a two-part non-formulaic non-preachy presentation by an InterVarsity staffer:

How African churches are using mobiles:

Amazing mobile stats:

More on mobile evangelism:


UK ministry FOCUS has launched an excellent new resource which presents the scientific evidence for God through video and webpages. Dave Couchman writes, "We've just launched an apologetics resource called 'God: new evidence'. It's about the evidence from cosmic fine-tuning, and is partly a response to the claims of Richard Dawkins and the 'new atheists'.

It's designed to be something that is 'out there' beyond the bounds of the church, and which can be used without embarrassment with completely non-religious or unchurched people - no religious language, no 'The Bible Says...' - in fact, there's only one Bible verse in the whole thing, and this comes right at the end."

There is also a Facebook fan page which you are invited to join and tell your Facebook friends about:


Churchmouse Publications writes, "We are a web-based publishing syndicate created to serve the Christian community. As such, it is an online source for articles, cartoons, children's material, syndicated columns, devotionals and more.

Our desire is to provide an outlet for talented Christian creators to showcase their work, and a continually fresh variety of affordable material for churches, ministries, and other Christian publications and programs. Churchmouse Publications is currently working with 97 professional producers (authors, cartoonists and other creators). We have over 1400 features in over 15 different categories, and new submissions arriving daily."


"Today, tens of millions of people around the world will log in to Facebook - and engross themselves in the minutiae of crop rotation and animal husbandry. They are all playing Farmville, a cute, colourful game...:"

Meanwhile, at the high end of roleplaying games comes the groundbreaking 'Heavy Rain', released last month. It is just like taking part in a crime drama film - and players' choices really do affect the outcome. (This is not a children's game - it is rated 18 in most parts of the world, though 15 in UK. This news item is about a concept leap in game design and is not intended as a recommendation.)


NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men
Craig von Buseck
Broadman and Holman
Publication date: June 2010

'Netcasters' presents a unique overview into the vast and growing potential of the digital media to share the good news of Jesus. There has been no title like this since Andrew Careaga's books in the early days of the Web. Its well-researched and visionary coverage, interviews and case studies are indispensable to anyone needing to understand the nature of the new media and how to use them effectively. And since we all now live in a 'digital communication culture', this surely means all of us: Jesus-followers at any stage of our spiritual journeys, as well as pastors and leaders, college students and faculty (it's an ideal textbook), or mission staff and believers from diverse cultures and countries. And remarkably, we don't need technical knowledge for this!

It is due for publication in June, but you can order in advance:
There will be a blog tour for the book release and other activities - we will feature these next time. I've already read the manuscript, and can strongly recommend it.

John Dyer in 'Don't Eat the Fruit' blog, carries reviews to other books about technology and faith:
and here is news of two new e-books relating to church ministry:

Dr Dave Bourgeois is also working on a web ministry book 'God in the Tubes', and is seeking feedback via his blog on areas that he plans to cover:


NARNIA enthusiasts can look forward to 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader', now in final editing:

NEW SLUMDOG-LIKE FILM - 'Kavi' about a boy slave in India and directed by a Christian, nominated in short film category:

LETTERS TO GOD movie releases in US in April:


Belinda Burkitt writes, "I would like to send you a link to something I wrote that was published on our Public Radio Website in St. Paul, MN. I want you to see it because the Web Evangelism Bulletin has helped me with my writing skills. I've told many people about the Bulletin and our church has used several articles in our communication workshop." Thanks Belinda!


Having just got back from a web evangelism conference in Lithuania, I thought I'd look up some stats for beliefs in that country, and found a remarkable table of Eurobarometer Poll results for the whole of Europe. Figures are given in percentages for a) 'Belief in a god', b) 'Belief in a spirit or life force', and c) 'Belief in neither a spirit, god or life force':

INTERACTIVE WORLD MAPS - ChartsBin offers online interactive world maps, each one offering statistics for a wide range of topics. These are very helpful, both for research, or for a presentation in a seminar. You can save any map as a complete web page, and it will work offline to demonstrate later. Check, for instance, web users, mobile phone subscriptions, infant mortality, numbers of feature films produced annually, and much more.


NEW SITES FOR INDIA - has just released two new 'Knowing God' sites for India: (Hindi) (English)

BELIEF IN GOD relieves depression:

MISSION FRONTIERS magazine reports that 40% of church-planting breakthroughs among muslim people groups followed some kind of natural disaster.

PEOPLE TRAFFICKING is the slave trade of our era. Popular blogger and writer Anne Jackson writes in her Flowerdust blog of seeing it first hand in Moldova:

POSTER/WEB INITIATIVE IN AUSTRALIA - Outreach Media coordinated a March poster and web campaign offering help with people with po-n.

TWITTER BIBLE - was unveiled at a German book fair. It took more than 3,000 believers 10 days to compile short and sometimes humorous tweets that make up the Twitter Bible:


PRINT-ON-DEMAND HELPS MISSIONS - 'Innovation in Mission' blog points out the huge potential of using print-on-demand services to produce books as and when needed, when it would be impractical to have a conventional large print-run due to finance, small demand, or storage space:


RESTING - What do you think about the national day of unplugging and the Sabbath Manifesto?

THE CULT OF BUSY, by Scott Berkun. Straight common sense:

LOOKING BACK AT EASTER - Were there women at the Last Supper?


For each Jesus 101 class, needs qualified volunteers to encourage participation and interaction. A past session had students from 99 different countries learning about Jesus online. They offer a very easy training program for facilitators, and their website is very intuitive to use. Facilitators are assigned a group of students, and those who enroll are typically new believers in Christ or are seeking more information about Jesus. While the facilitator may ask and answer questions in the group, they are not expected to teach or be experts on Christianity. A facilitator's role is to encourage, interact, and help point them to the resources in The course runs for 6 weeks and time commitment for a facilitator is about 2 hours per week. The work can be done entirely from the facilitator's desk or laptop, and done at their convenience since it is all online.

"Participating in the Jesus 101 online course was a tremendous blessing and I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends. Not only was it inspiring to be in the Bible throughout the weekly lessons, but connecting with believers across the globe was a huge blessing. The course is well laid out in very do-able sessions that build upon each week. I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses in our study group and even made a few new friends over email. It is so encouraging to get to know our brothers and sisters worldwide who are searching for truth and learning more about Jesus. What a great way to connect and grow!" - a former facilitator

For more information on being a facilitator for a 2010 Jesus 101 course, contact Heather.Creighton [at] JesusCentral [dot] com.


- non-techies look away now

BROWSER EXTENSIONS - if you are used to using Firefox developer extensions, try extensions for Chrome:

FIREFOX tips - /Tools > Options > Main - set startup as 'when Firefox starts: 'Show my windows and tabs from last time'

Also go to Tools > Options > Applications. Scroll down to 'Mailto' and set to the program you want an email to open in, eg Gmail

TWITTER resources and feeds:

SPAM - how the spam bots work:

IFRAME - position the page within an iframe by the exact number of pixels from top and left needed:

YOUTUBE is adding automatic captioning to clips:

LOST LINKS NOT LOST - you may occasionally have old but useful resource links to sites which are for whatever reason, no longer online (for instance Geocities). All is not lost! Just go to the web archive and enter the URL of the missing page. Then take the URL of the latest archived version, and use that as your link, or just precede the lost URL by

POWERPOINT - Make a self-running PowerPoint presentation:

MINISTRYCSS offers ideas for church website styles and more:

GOOGLE Apps marketplace


A group of web evangelism advocates recently discussed the need of a Twitter hashtag to highlight postings relating specifically to digital evangelism. We looked for something short yet meaningful (to save space) and not already in use, and came up with #ieway (meaning Internet Evangelism Way (s to do digital outreach). Of course we can change it if a better suggestion turns up. But meantime, if you are tweeting, or wanting to follow other tweets, please try #ieway.
To view recent tweets from round the world using this tag, see


Apologies for using a quotation last time which was attributed to Einstein. While the sentiments expressed in it were true, apparently it is an urban myth that it originated with him.


I start with the letter e.
I end with the letter e.
I contain only one letter,
Yet I am not the letter e!
What am I?
(answer next time)
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