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W-E-B Issue 136 ~ August (ii) 06
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"If you haven't got problems perhaps you should get on your knees and ask, 'Lord, don't you trust me?'" - Les Nixon

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world" - Mother Teresa


Social bookmarking is a way of sharing pages that you like with other people. The best known system is but there are a range of others.
You can encourage people to create a bookmark by adding a graphic link at the end of your web-pages, as we have done here:

But equally importantly, if you join or another social bookmark network, you can also add evangelistic websites that you feel are worth other people viewing.

Here's a wonderful way that you can help others find sites that will touch them. Join today and start bookmarking:


A study in Australia presents a very similar picture to the UK study we reported recently. It found just 48 per cent of Generation Y, defined as those born between 1976 and 1990, believed in a god. Dr Andrew Singleton, a co-author of the study, said they were surprised by the findings. "It's well-known that there has been a turn away from church attendance and participation in young people, but we thought there was going to be a move towards alternative spiritualities." But as in UK, such a move was small - the majority were happy to have no spiritual belief at all:

The teen outreach site has been adapted for an Australian audience as:


Television is bracing itself for big changes. In UK for example, the iconic Top of the Pops which launched in 1964 with the Rolling Stones, was for years a teen 'must-watch'. It has just closed down, victim of multiple music channels, highspeed Internet and iPods. 'Appointment TV' - i.e. a planned program at a specific time - is starting to look shaky. Mainstream commercial TV is suffering a revenue squeeze too.

The long-predicted convergence of Internet and TV is finally happening. People want to choose when they watch something. And many want to interact with the medium, in the same way that they can interact with a website, or even create content. Read/listen to this interview:
and check

This seems to be the direction that some TV programming is taking, also enabling gifted amateurs to get their creations to a wide audience. There is also the potential of making video shorts - which we will cover next time.

Text Messaging on Rise With Young People:
E-mail is so last millennium. Young people see it as a good way to reach an elder - a parent, teacher or a boss - or to receive an attached file. But increasingly, the former darling of high-tech communication is losing favor to instant and text messaging, and to the chatter generated on blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace:,4670,SnailEmail,00.html


There is still time to book up for the Chicago Internet Evangelism Coalition conference,
and meet together with like-minded people to hear some key speakers:

See also the MinistryCOM conference for church communicators:


There are not many apologetics pages written for not-yet Christians. Australian Graham Pockett writes, "It is called 'I Am A Cynic; Therefore I Am A Christian'. It was written for the non-Christian cynic (of which I was one for many years) and I pray that it is effective in helping people like I was to understand that there is more to Christianity than 'hypocritical pious clergymen' (my old description). The article is a mixture of Frank Morison ('Who Moved The Stone?') and 'The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict' by Josh McDowell, with a little bit of me."


Yahoo wants people to turn an ordinary online search into a place to find answers to life's pressing questions: 'What's the best way to vanquish a spaghetti stain?' They want to connect real people with real people, rather than an impersonal search:

We have previously cited the opportunity that gives for building relationships and answering questions from a Christian worldview. There are a thousand other social networking sites where the same sort of thing is possible. If you have had encouraging experiences of relating to people within MySpace or other networks, please write to share them.


- non-techies look away now!

LINK CHECKING - CheckWeb is a small, powerful links analyzer that can scan HTML pages and generate a report on link, error and page size information:

SITEMAP: Would a Google Sitemap help your site?

MOUSEOVER HELP: although for most purposes I would prefer Cool Tips as styled tooltips, there could be situations in which this script could be incredibly useful. It would certainly overcome the problem of a popup information box not opening due to a blocker. I'd want to add a noscript option if I was using it though.

AUDACITY AUDIO EDITING: f.r.e.e open source, cross-platform audio editing progrom for Linux, Mac OS X, Mac OS 8.5 - 9.22, and Windows:

GOOGLE Analytics is now open for everyone:

HTML HELP: I found some cool code and advice on this site I could not find anywhere else. Respect!


DON'T MESS UP ON RELATIONSHIPS. The Saddleback staff standards on moral integrity by Rick Warren are common sense wisdom:
Also and read warning stories of people who almost didn't make it:
These deserve wide circulation and discussion - post them widely.

And a depressing picture of UK youth attitudes to relationships:,,17909-2325496.html

LEARN ANOTHER CULTURE: to understand life in another country, we need to see it through their eyes, as expressed in story, music and film. One place to start is a novel by one of that nation's writers. Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngoizi Adichie paints a touching true story in 'Half of a Yellow Sun':,,923-2317598.html

HOW CHRISTIANS ARE PERCEIVED - could this be my church group in the restaurant? Scary.

9/11. NO LONG-LASTING SPIRITUAL IMPACT IN USA - says latest Barna report:
But it remains a connection point to many - here's an article available for syndication (in print or online)by web evangelist Rusty Wright:

GOOGLE - for reasons beyond my understanding, Google wants to prevent publications using the word 'google' as a generic term meaning 'search the web using a search engine'. Surely it is the ultimate accolade, driving yet more people to use their system?


Jon writes of their experience of starting an email newsletter his church:


How a unique MOPS ministry delivers help and hope to teen moms:

MOPS (Mothers of Pre Schoolers) is a great example of a website and face-to-face ministry which reaches women through a felt need:


WHAT MAKES AN IDEA VIRAL? Seth Godin's blog comments: "For an idea to spread, it needs to be sent and received.

No one 'sends' an idea unless:
a. they understand it.
b. they want it to spread.
c. they believe that spreading it will enhance their power (reputation, income, friendships) or their peace of mind.
d. the effort necessary to send the idea is less than the benefits."

We cannot expect non-Christians to 'viraly' pass on Christian information online, unless it is totally compelling, or wildly novel and innovative. It will take something quirky and unusual such as if it is to have much hope of being passed around.

LESS IS MORE: "I've found that with many people, subtle hints often lead to evangelistic conversations," says Mark Littleton in OnMission magazine:

ALTAR CALLS: "I often get asked why Saddleback doesn't have an altar call. It might surprise you to know that it doesn't have anything to do with theology or strategy. It was because of the layout of our first meeting place," says Rick Warren:

BLOGS: we have a one-stop link to a range of blogs that relate to web evangelism, church sites, and communication. If you aren't already into using RSS, choose a system and start grabbing RSS feeds - in many ways it is better than email:
How to use RSS feeds:


Years ago, I asked God to give me a spouse, "You don't own because you didn't ask" God said. Not only did I ask for a spouse but also explained what kind of spouse I wanted. I want a nice, tender, forgiving, passionate, honest, peaceful, generous, understanding, pleasant, warm, intelligent, humorous, attentive, compassionate and truthful. I even mentioned the physical characteristics I dreamt about.

As time went by I added the required list of my wanted spouse. One night, in my prayer, God talked to my heart: "My servant, I cannot give you what you want."

I asked, "Why God?" and God said "Because I am God and I am fair. God is the truth and all I do are true and right."

I asked "God, I don't understand why I cannot have what I ask from you?"

God answered, "I will explain. It is not fair and right for Me to fulfill your demand because I cannot give something that is not your own self. It is not fair to give someone who is full of love to you if sometimes you are still hostile, or to give you someone generous but sometimes you can be cruel, or someone forgiving; however, you still hide revenge, someone sensitive; however, you are very insensitive...."

He then said to me: "It is better for Me to give you someone who I know could grow to have all qualities you are searching rather than to make you waste your time to find someone who already have the qualities you want. Your spouse would be bone from your bone and flesh from your flesh and you will see yourself in her and both of you will be one. Marriage is like a school. It is a life-long span education. It is where you and your partner make adjustments and aim not merely to please each other, but to be better human beings and to make a solid teamwork. I do not give you a perfect partner, because you are not perfect either. I give you a partner with whom you would grow together"

Author Unknown

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